LeBron James RESPONDS to Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas Trade

LeBron James RESPONDS to Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas Trade

The blockbuster trade of the summer took place Tuesday evening when the Celtics traded Isaiah Thomas, a few other players and a 1st round pick from the Nets next season, all in exchange for Kyrie Irving. After the trade, Cavs fans waited to react to see what LeBron James would do. And his response caught some fans off guard.

Many of the Cleveland Cavaliers fans are not happy at all about Kyrie Irving leaving the Cavs for the Boston Celtics.

They are not so happy about Isaiah Thomas, who will fill up the empty space that was left after Irving has left.

One of the fans even set Thomas' jersey on fire!

Like Thomas had anything to do with the Cavaliers' and Celtics' management!

But, fans will be fans, and they just cannot accept changes in their beloved teams that easily, so it is understandable that there are many reactions like that.

What will this transfers bring to the new season of the NBA? Who knows?!

It will surely be fun to watch the new dynamic that will form between Isaiah Thomas and LeBron James, as well as between Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward.

One of the people that is defending Thomas the most is no other than the King himself - LeBron James.

James is all around his social media, making sure that Thomas stays unharmed by the harsh reactions from the Cleveland Cavaliers' fans.

Click on the video, and see some of his tweets right now!

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