MMA Fans Attack the WRONG Jon Jones Over Positive Steroid Test

MMA Fans Attack the WRONG Jon Jones Over Positive Steroid Test

Jon Jones tested positive for banned substances AGAIN, which means he'll probably be stripped of his light heavyweight title AGAIN. And fans went after him on Twitter for it. The problem? They went after the wrong Jon Jones, who decided to have a little fun with the mix up.

It is not uncommon to see news all over the internet that are just wrong. Or to find out that the picture from the article is of somebody who has nothing to do with that news, but has the same name as the person in question.

Jon Jones is 29-year-old two-time UFC light heavyweight champion. Jones was on a little vacation. He's been suspended after traces of cocaine showed up in his urine.

Jones is all pumped up and ready to go now -just a couple of weeks ago, Jones has defeated Daniel Cormier and he regained his lost champion title.

But it seems that his fame was short-lived, again. Jones just tested positive for forbidden steroids in his urine, and he will, once again, be stripped off his championship belt, and he will surely be banned from the octagon for a while.

Fans of Jones and of the UFC became furious, when they heard about this news. They all hit twitter to say to Jones what are they thinking about him.

But they have been barking on the wrong tree!

Some random guy, whose name is also Jon Jones, received a bunch of twitter posts about his drug abuse, and urine tests.

After a while, he figured out what was going on, and he decided to have some fun with the fans of the UFC champion.

See it for yourself, and don't forget to comment below!!!

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