A Uber Driver Gets To Watch His Son Participate In The Olympics

A Uber Driver Gets To Watch His Son Participate In The Olympics

Father of Team US shot putter Darrell Hill, planned on watching his son compete at the Olympics from home. Ellis Hill is a retired school bus driver, turned Uber driver who due to a shortage of funs was not able to travel to Rio to watch his son perform in the 2016 Summer Olympics. However, the re hot putter Darrell Hill, entered the games ranked fourth in the world. But after a sudden twist of fate, his dad was in the stands to support him.

Liz Willock believes she missed her flight to Philadelphia for a reason. Had she not taken a later one out of Chicago, she might not have had Ellis Hill as her Uber driver on her trip from the airport to her hotel.

And if they hadn’t met, Hill would probably not be preparing to travel to Rio de Janiero to watch his son compete as a shot putter in the Olympics.

When Willock settled into the back seat for the long ride navigating the security and traffic from the Democratic National Convention last week, she struck up a conversation with Hill. They chatted first about his decision to drive for Uber and the work that brought her to Philadelphia. But soon the conversation changed to sports, and Willock shared that she knew someone competing in the Olympics.



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