Weightlifter Dies After Dropping Barbell On Neck

Weightlifter Dies After Dropping Barbell On Neck

A 22-year-old weightlifter named Kyle Thomson faced tragedy this week in Ankeny, Iowa. He was training at a gym when he lost grip of a barbell and it crushed his neck. Thomson died at the workout facility Elite Edge Transformation Center. A spokesperson for the Elite Edge Transformation Center named Mark Yontz, said that Thomson had been lifting 315 pounds when the incident occurred. Thomson was brought Des Moines hospital and was then pronounced dead.

When mothers ask or beg their sons not to do dangerous sports or engage in any kind of dangerous activity, this is what they have in mind. R.I.P. young sportsman.

A 22-year-old Kyle Thomson, an Iowa State student lost his life after a weightlifting accident at an Ankeny, Iowa gym. According to The Des Moines Register, a barbell slipped from his hands and fell on his neck while he was practicing. Ankeny fire chief said that Kyle was transferred to a Des Moines hospital from the Elite Edge Transformation Center, but he was pronounced dead.

A spokesman for Elite said that his bench was pressing 315 pounds and there were three witnesses.

Thomson was a graduate of East High where he played baseball and football.



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