Frenchman Breaks Round-the-World Sailing Record

Frenchman Breaks Round-the-World Sailing Record

Thomas Coville of France has officially broken the record for sailing around the world single-handed without stopping by over eight days. According to French officials, the 48-year-old finished his epic trip in 49 days, 3 hours, 7 minutes and 38 seconds. Coville, who set off from France on November 6, shamed the previous record of 57 days 13hr 34min and 6sec, which was set by fellow Frenchman Francis Joyon in 2008.

Thomas Coville is the newest hero of the world and a proof that we can do anything we want if we set our mind to it. He just finished his sailing around the world, traveling solo, and managed to do it in 49 days and three hours. It marks a result more than a week faster than the previous guy.

The French based sailor just celebrated at the Brittany port of Brest. There were champagne and tears, and the only thing he wanted was to get some sleep and a proper rest.

He said, “Right now, I want just one thing: to sleep and let my mind rest. I want to go to sleep telling myself: all’s well!”

It is his fifth attempt to set a new record, beating the one of 57-day record in 2008, set by French guy Francis Joyon.


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