NBA wants fans to engage more through 'InPlay' - CNET

NBA wants fans to engage more through 'InPlay' - CNET

On Thursday the NBA and fantasy sports site FanDuel they are launching NBA InPlay, a real-time interactive fantasy game that lets fans watching televised NBA games play against each other. The free app is available at the iOS App Store and Google Play. During an NBA telecast, fans pick a team playing and then pick one player to track for each of the game's four quarters. Points are accumulated based on how many points, rebounds and assists a player gets.

NBA’s fantasy app is promising new app co-created with Fanduel, and its goal is to make people watch TV longer, basically. The longer you watch, more money goes to the league and its partners – those who pay a lot for TV rights.

It works on both iOS and Android, it’s free and you can win prizes if you are one of the top players. So, it works when you follow any broadcasting and pick one of the two temas. Then you find a guy to be your main guy for every quarter of the game, and you cannot use one player in more than one quarter.

And the player’s performance it is what determines your success. You are winning pint for assists, rebounds and made baskets, but losing for a turnover.

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