Is Paul Pogba Really Worth $120M?

Is Paul Pogba Really Worth $120M?

(CNN)As history's most expensive footballer, Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has been the subject of intense scrutiny since returning to English football. How it's calculated The English Premier League is awash with money, with its current TV deal reportedly worth nearly $11 billion.

The amount of money that is Paul Pogba’s estimated worth as a football player is making headlines for days now. After all, when you say that someone’s overall earnings to his club is more than $11billion, than it is understandable it makes people mad.

However, people are talking about him being overpaid and overrated. And there is a significant difference.

He is an excellent player and he understands the game better than any average player. He has always controlled the game and led the offence while on the other side still breaking through the other team’s defense. And that is brilliant.

Besides being extremely agile, he also has an excellent passing, killer through ball and long distance shot. Now, he has improved his talent and added a few more skills to his ensemble of super powers.

And, he is only 23. The future is ahead of him. But a $100 million deal? Is that way too much?

It is, of course. But it means he is overpaid, not overrated.

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