Madden 17 Gamer Drafts LeBron James As QB For Cleveland Browns

Madden 17 Gamer Drafts LeBron James As QB For Cleveland Browns

RGIII is out once again, and the Cleveland Browns fans are in desperate need of a quarterback. Well, why not King James? One genius gamer created LeBron James in Madden 17, and James dominates. Check it out.

Following the Browns’ week one loss to the Eagles, newly acquired quarterback Robert Griffin III was placed on injured reserve after suffering a devastating shoulder injury. Cleveland is now forced to start veteran backup Josh McCown in week two.

However, a ‘Madden 17’ player believes Cleveland’s hometown hero, LeBron James, should get the chance as quarterback against the AFC North rival Baltimore Ravens.

For years people have speculated about how James’ career would have panned out in the NFL. Despite many believing that King James would make a great tight end, we would argue that James would flourish at quarterback due to his tremendous passing skills and combination of speed, toughness, and athleticism.


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