Carmelo Anthony Practices with the Trail Blazers

Carmelo Anthony Practices with the Trail Blazers Trail Blazer. CJ McCollum really wants to bring Melo to the Blazers and the man is trying his hardest. Last night, CJ and Melo were caught sharing the floor together as teammates! The video features classic C.J. pull-ups from the three to some nice Melo baseline fadeaways.

Carmelo Anthony is one of those free agents, as he has a no trade class in his current contract, but he said that he would be willing to avoid that if the right opportunity comes his way.

Carmelo Anthony is 33-year-old small forward for the New York Knicks. He was born in Brooklyn, and he stayed true to his city's basketball team the Knicks for 6 years now. He was previously in the Denver Nuggets, where he landed as a 3rd overall pick in 2003's NBA draft. In 2011, he transferred to New York Knicks.

Just the other day, there were rumors about Anthony going to the New Orleans Pelicans, as their newest team member DeMarcus Cousins is constantly trying to make free agents join him at the Pelicans.

Being a free agent and as it is a middle of offseason, Anthony was shooting some hoops the other day with some of his NBA friends, at the M7 Academy.

Carmelo Anthony, J. R. Smith, Enes Kanter, Nick Richards and Chris Smith were playing a pickup game, where old time friends Anthony and J. R. once again played side by side. Maybe this is a beginning of something new?

Well, Anthony is keeping himself very busy these days, as he was at the practice of the Portland Trail Blazers just the other day, wearing their jersey and all!

Denise Jones was so happy to have Anthony at the practice, that he said how he thinks that Blazers would be in top three in the Western conference, with Anthony on board.

So, tell us what you think about that, in the comments below!

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