Paul George BOUNCING from Thunder to Join the Warriors in 2018!?

Paul George BOUNCING from Thunder to Join the Warriors in 2018!?

The Golden State Warriors are the most stacked team in the NBA, and they still aren't satisfied. According to an inside source, "as far as everyone else is concerned the Oklahoma City Thunder are renting Paul George this coming season. So we already know multiple teams will be linking up to pitch George next summer, most notably the Los Angeles Lakers but also the Golden State Warriors." Would it even be fair for PG to join the biggest superteam in league history?

Who says that the Golden State Warriors are happy with their current super-team? They are, apparently, trying their best to make it even more SUPER, by adding some other great players from the NBA.

The Warriors have won 2 out of last 3 NBA Championships, and with big player like Paul George in their team, they will surely be victorious a couple more times in the future!

Especially with all that rumors about their biggest rivals the Cleveland Cavaliers being at the verge of some serious team rebuilding.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs have tried to get Paul George to their team, as well as Boston Celtics. But, it seems now that George will be off to another super-team of the NBA.

Paul George didn't get any new contract from Indiana Pacers, so he left to the Oklahoma City Thunder this year.

He is a four times NBA All-Star, and he was in the NBA All-Defensive First Team. So it is not strange that the Warriors are trying to get their hands on Paul George.

But, it seems like that George has something else on his mind. He said that the Oklahoma City Thunder will rent him this season, but to which team will he be rented remained a mystery!

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