Major FIGHT Breaks Out Between Chargers and Rams During Joint LA Practice

Major FIGHT Breaks Out Between Chargers and Rams During Joint LA Practice

The Chargers and Rams are still getting used to the new digs after their respective relocations to the City of Angels, but that's not stopping them from fighting for the spot at the head of the table. A massive scuffle erupted between the two teams during a joint practice.

The Chargers are NFL team that has been around from 1960, and they started as a Los Angeles team, but in 1961 they have transferred to the San Diego. For more than 50 years they have been happy there, but from 2017 they have decided to come back to their roots in Los Angeles.

On January 12, 2017, team's president announced that the Chargers will be relocated. Their new location is StubHub Center in Carson, California. It is a very small stadium, with under 50 000 seats, which is below minimum according to the NFL standards. Because of that, it was planned that the Chargers have their practices with another NFL L.A. based team - the Rams.

Now, after the first practice, it seems like that was a very bad idea.

The practice was held at the Rams' training stadium UC Irvine and at least three fights broke loose, while two teams had their training.

The Rams have been also away from the city for some time, as they have returned to Los Angeles last year.

And there was no bad blood between these two teams in the previous seasons. So, the question is, what team will be better suited for the L. A. fans of the NFL: the Rams or the Chargers?

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