Cristiano Ronaldo Nearly BREAKS His Leg Getting Off the Bus

Cristiano Ronaldo Nearly BREAKS His Leg Getting Off the Bus

It's easy to laugh it off in hindsight, but all it takes is one bad slip to end an illustrious career. That's exactly what nearly happened to Cristiano Ronaldo as he was stepping off the Real Madrid team bus ahead of their clash with Manchester United.

The towel that was there to protect the players from slipping, almost cost Cristiano Ronaldo his leg!

He was getting off the bus, when he just lost his balance, when the rug slipped under his feet.

Ronaldo, being one of the best athletes in the world, reacted quickly, and he managed to grab a handlebar near him, thus stopping what could have been the big problem in his career.

He then jumped out of the bus, with a strange look on his face: it seems like he did hurt himself just a little bit.

Check out this video, and see it for yourself!

Ronaldo was just at the UEFA Super Cup, where his team Real Madrid has won 4th consecutive championship title. They played against Manchester United, and Madrid has won 2-1.

When he is not at the field, Ronaldo likes to spend his time with his wife and children. He has three children - 7-year-old son Cristiano Jr., and this year's blessings twins Mateo and Eva Maria Dos Santos.

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