Girls Little League Softball Team DISQUALIFIED for Flipping the Bird

Girls Little League Softball Team DISQUALIFIED for Flipping the Bird

Atlee little league junior softball team was just trying to go viral and bring some fans to the softball world but it came at a huge cost. The 13 and 14 year old ladies were on their way to the world series when they were disqualified immediately after this pic was posted on Snapchat of the girls in their uniforms flipping off the camera.

Pride is a sin, and gloating after the victorious baseball match is also a sin, apparently.

A girls softball team from Virginia didn't know what've hit them, when they've posted a photo on their social media. Six of the girls were flipping the bird, and they caption the performance with: watch out host.

After that picture was public, the whole team got disqualified, last Saturday. And the girls were just one day away from the nationally televised championship game!

For Kevin Fountain, a little league spokesman, this was an inappropriate gesture, and it was against league's policies regarding unsportsmanlike conduct.

The Atlee junior league softball team's manager Scott Currie was not pleased with the picture of his team. He made them delete it, and then made the girls apologize to the rival team.

But, this situation is not so black and white, as it seems. Atlee's coach Chris Mardigian said that the picture in question came after the opposite team of Kirkland played a little trick against the Atlee.

Kirkland's batters were getting inside information, about the Atlee's signals from the second base.

Whoever fault it is that this incident has happened, it is just unfair to disqualify the whole team, just because 6 of them were a little bit naughty.

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