Kyrie Irving FLIPS OUT on Teammate for Committing Turnovers During Pickup Game

Kyrie Irving FLIPS OUT on Teammate for Committing Turnovers During Pickup Game

It looks like Kyrie Irving is giving us a glimpse of what kind of leader he will be if he finds himself out of Cleveland, and if this pickup game is any indication, he'll be more of a Chris Paul type. Watch how he handles a teammate committing too many turnovers.

Off-season of the NBA is a great time for players to relax, use their summer vacations and spend time with their families and friends.

Some of them are doing just that, but others have different plans for this hot August days.

We got a chance to see Steph Curry doing his China tour, promoting himself and the National Basketball League abroad. Some of the boys from the court are using their social media profiles to trash-talk and diss one another, and some just can't live without basketball in their hands, so they are playing all sorts of pickup games and friendly matches.

One of those unstoppable guys is point guard of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving. He was all over the news in the past couple of weeks, tormenting us with all kinds of rumors about him leaving the Cavs.

Nothing is certain for now, that is for sure, but maybe Irving is feeling the pressure from all that chit-chat about his possible transfer.

Over the weekend, Irving was in New Jersey, where he decided to hoop it up with some of the locals. But the game was not so much relaxed as you could think. For Kyrie Irving there are no off days, you must always be prepared! And he just flipped off at one of the players!

Check out this video, and see it for yourself!

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