SHOTS FIRED! Nick Young Sneak Disses D'Angelo Russell for Snitching

SHOTS FIRED! Nick Young Sneak Disses D'Angelo Russell for Snitching

We all knew that Nick Young and the rest of the Lakers were faking it when they acted like they were cool with D'angelo Russell after the incident that ended Young's engagement to Iggy Azalea happened. Now Young is confirming those suspicions in a big way.

It all happened more than a year ago, when then rookie D'Angelo Russell posted a video from the Los Angeles Lakers' locker room. Even though the clip is all grainy and it is hard to see and hear anything, you can recognize Russell's teammate Nick Young speaking about how he has cheated to his fiancée, Iggy Azalea.

Pop-star diva Azalea quickly replied on her social media, saying that she likes Russell's video, even though Nick Young tried his best to explain what was video all about.

It is strange, though, that D'Angelo Russell filmed that video in the first place, and that he posted it online as a public video. On Russell's arrival to the Lakers, Young and him became instant friends, and they have developed a bond during the 2016 season.

Russell was isolated by other teammates, for what he did. Nobody from the Lakers would sit next to him, or talk to him more than it was needed.

D'Angelo Russell is still young, with only 21 years on his back, so he made a mistake when he was even younger.

This year, Russell was transferred to the Brooklyn Nets, so Nick Young doesn't have any reason what so ever to keep his mouth shut about the last year's situation.

Check out this video, and finally find out what was going on between Russell and Young!

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