NFL LIFTING the Marijuana Ban!? -WeekEnd Zone

NFL LIFTING the Marijuana Ban!? -WeekEnd Zone

The NFL has recently contacted the NFLPA about trying to work together to research marijuana as a means to deal with pain. If The Marijuana ban gets lifted in the NFL, what impact will this have? What are your thoughts? Let us know in The WeekEnd Zone!

The marijuana plant is getting more popular every day. And not just because you can get high with this drug, but because it can help you with your pain.

Studies have shown that small intake of this plant can relieve you of your nerve pain, even if it is chronic.

There is also evidence that marijuana helps people to sleep better, after the surgery, and that it releases the pain from it as well.

You don't even need to smoke it - it now comes in capsules.

And where better to find men full of pain, than in the tough world of the National Football League.

The NFL players are always trying to find out how to endure the pain after a hard match, or a rough training. Many pills and other medications have little to no effect on majority of players.

Even if the medications work, they are harmful to the kidneys and liver. And with cannabis there is no side-effects on the internal organs of the human being.

Hit the comments below and tell us what you think about this topic!

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