Kyrie Irving Goes Back to School!

Kyrie Irving Goes Back to School!

Kyrie’s future is still up in the air but to get him back in focus he turns up at his alma mater The Patrick School in Hillside for a pickup game on Thursday afternoon. Ky’s been in Asia on a promotional tour before returning home for a few days and posed for a picture with Celtics coach and principal Chris Chavannes and St. Pat’s alums Alex Jones and Bryce Aiken.


Kyrie Irving wants to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for some time now.


He helped the Cavs to the three consecutive NBA Finals in the past three years, so it is strange that a good player like that wants to leave the winning team.


Irving wants to play in a situation where he can be the team's focal point. As a result, the All-Star point guard no longer wants to play alongside LeBron James.


This is even stranger, because LeBron James is responsible for many of the Cavaliers' victories, so Irving should be proud to be in the same team with such a legend.


But, Irving is much younger than James – he is 25, and LeBron is 33. Kyrie is in his prime, so for him there are no reason to stay James' little helper.


He just wants to be a star of the team, and not a supporting player.


And now, he was at his old school, taking pictures with his old coach and just hanging around with people, as a part of promotional tour.


He was in China, also, and he just turned back from there!


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