Are the Cavs OUTGUNNED by the Warriors? NBA Changing Draft Eligibility Rules?! -The Huddle

Are the Cavs OUTGUNNED by the Warriors? NBA Changing Draft Eligibility Rules?! -The Huddle

The Cleveland Cavaliers vs the Golden State Warriors in the Finals was a foregone conclusion, but no one expected the clinic the Warriors put on in Game 1. Has the addition of Kevin Durant made them invincible? Also, the NBA is looking to change draft eligibility rules. Good call? Let us know what you think in The Huddle!

The NBA commissioner Adam Silver said that the draft eligibility rules must be changed. The current rule is that you must be 19 years old, or 1 year removed from high school. Adam Silver is not so pleased with this. He said: My sense is that it is not working for anyone...

It is a serious question, because more and more teenage boys are coming to the NBA, they have certain expectations and when it's time to train hard and be in the game, sometimes, it gets kind a rough on such young players with little experience. On the other hand, you can never be too young to play basketball!

Hear the rest of Adam Silver's statement and tell us what you think in the comments below.


In other news, we just have had a very good game by Golden State Warriors. In Game 2 of the Playoff Finals Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers with almost 20 points advantage: 132-113.

Golden State Warriors now lead with total score of 2-0.

Game 3 between Golden State boys and the Cavs is set for Wednesday, Jun 7.

Will the Warriors manage to be this year's No. 1 NBA team, or the Cavaliers will continue to hold the first position with another championship title?

Stay tuned, and we'll let you know!

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