Cam Newton ROASTED Over Willy Wonka Style Met Gala Outfit

Cam Newton ROASTED Over Willy Wonka Style Met Gala Outfit

Cam Newton is definitely one of the most daring athletes when it comes to making fashion statements. And with that comes the risk of a good old fashioned Twitter roast. Cam definitely caught it after his Met Gala appearance.

Tom Brady is not only one of the most successful quarterbacks in the NFL, but is one of the most stylish Football players on the planet. He was at Met Gala this weekend with his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen and he could not keep his eyes and his hands to himself. Sports Illustrated said that the couple looked like Lombardy Trophy and they were on the spot, as usual!

Serena Williams was beautiful at the Met Gala, wearing a green dress. Former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez was there with his new girlfriend - J. LO! Recently voted most stylish man in the world Roger Federer was there rocking it on with a tuxedo with a COBRA on his back.

But the star of the evening was definitely Cam Newton in elegant suit, but on top of his head was something that made Twitter trolls gone wild - his hat! Was he trying to be Willy Wonka, or a Mad Hatter?

And don't worry, NFL season is around the corner, so Tom Brady news will soon be all about Football, and little less about his style! So keep up!

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