OKC Thunder Fans Want To Change Name of City

OKC Thunder Fans Want To Change Name of City

OKC Thunder fans are still not over Kevin Durant's departure. We know it hurts, but at some point you have to move on. Well, a petition have been started to change the name of the city of Durant to Westbrook. Mind you, the city of Durant has been around since the late 1800s, long before KD stepped foot in Oklahoma.

Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City devastated when he announced earlier in July he would join the Golden State Warriors, leaving behind the franchise for which he had played for his first nine years in the NBA. Durant meant a lot to his city; Oklahoma would have even given him a governmental post if he’d have stuck around.

Thunder fans were crushed. They burned his jersey, and a local store sold it for 48 cents. Now the fans are taking even more drastic action: as The Oklahoman reported, they want the city of Durant, Okla., to be renamed Westbrook, Okla., in honor of Russell Westbrook, who just re-signed with the Thunder shortly after his co-star departed.

This is a real movement that’s actually happening. The petition has nearly 800 signatures as it approaches its goal of 1,000. The petition states, “the great state of Oklahoma has been betrayed.”


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