DJ Khaled Unveils NEW Craig Sager Jordans

DJ Khaled Unveils NEW Craig Sager Jordans

DJ Khaled showed off his new kicks, a pair of Craig Sager inspired Air Jordan 1s. There are only two made, and of course, Khaled has a pair. Craig Sager has been battling cancer for awhile, but has still managed to work the sidelines of NBA games.

It’s been a very tough two years for Craig Sager. Everyone’s favorite sideline reporter has been battling leukemia. He’s returned to broadcasts sporadically during that time, even calling his very first NBA Finals game this past June.

Sages is, of course, known for his outrageous style choices. He often dresses in bright colors with loud patterns.

That one-of-a-kind style appears to be the inspiration for the two pairs of “Sager Vision” Air Jordan Is that are currently in existence.

One of those pairs belongs to DJ Khaled. Khaled recently posted a picture of the sneakers on his Instagram.

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