Cam Newton Brings Dab Back

Cam Newton Brings Dab Back

Cam Newton is bringing back dabbing. He hadn't done it in a bit, but felt the need to drop it on the Kansas City Chiefs. Cam bowled over some defenders for a rushing TD and dabbed on 'em.

It was a rough start of the evening, and it looks like 2015 is repeating in California.

The Panthers had a little winning streak, and Cam Newton is now celebrating touchdown runs with the dab.

Newton revived the celebration out or the retirement after running over three Chiefs.

The 2015 MVP is not really having a great season, however, his numbers are not that far off from the place they were this time last year.

Still, there’s plenty time for Newton to make it at the MVP and the Panthers to go back to the playoff race. If anything like that happens, you can expect a lot of dabbing along the way.


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