Cam Newton Punked By Saints Fan

Cam Newton Punked By Saints Fan

Cam Newton has had a tough season. His Carolina Panthers are 1-5, and to make matters worse, opposing fans are starting to punk him. One Saints fan did that Sunday by wearing a Panthers jersey. Cam spotted the kid after scoring a touchdown and gave the ball to the fan. The kid removed the Panthers jersey and had a Saints jersey under.

Here we are, for the second time in a few months, writing about a Cam Newton press conference.

Newton stared at the floor or directly ahead during a terse session with reporters on Sunday that lasted about one minute and 30 seconds after the Panthers lost a thrilling game to the Saints, 41-38.

He walked out while a pair of reporters seemed to ask him another question. Before that, he visibly rolled his eyes and sighed during a question.

When a reporter asked him why he didn't carry the ball or run as much as he's used to, he said: "Just doing what I'm asked to do."


He was not happy.

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