How Did Jay Cutler Get a QB Job Before Colin Kaepernick!? -The Huddle

How Did Jay Cutler Get a QB Job Before Colin Kaepernick!? -The Huddle

While many speculate that Colin Kaepernick's unemployment is politically motivated, the evidence is ever mounting, especially with Jay Cutler coming out of retirement to sign with the Miami Dolphins. Will the former 49ers phenom ever find work again?

Colin Kaepernick is currently a free agent, but it seems that nobody wants to hire this amazing quarterback, so we could say that he is in his early retirement.

Kaepernick had his NFL debut with the San Francisco 49ers in 2011, when he was drafted in round 2 as a 36th pick.

He started as a backup to Alex Smith, but in 2012 he became the starter quarterback for the 49ers. The team went to the Super Bowl, and they didn't see the championship game since 1994, so Kaepernick showed himself as a very valuable player.

His political believes had cost him his career. In 2016, Kaepernick refused to stand while The Star-Spangled Banner was playing. Kaepernick said that he didn't want to salute to the flag of the country that oppresses people of color.

There were all kinds of responses on his stand. Some people supported him, and others hated him openly.

He received death threats, and the NFL season of 2016 showed a big drop in their television ratings.

All that didn't do well with the managers of the 49ers as well as with the officials of the NFL.

On 3rd of March 2017, he became a free agent, and to this day no team offered to sign a deal with him.

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