Tennessee Titans Fans Get into BLOODY Fight During Scrimmage

Tennessee Titans Fans Get into BLOODY Fight During Scrimmage

The Tennessee Titans fans are looking to give whatever team you think is the most ruthless a run for their money. During the Titans scrimmage over the weekend, some fans decided to "Titan up" in the stands, and it. Was. BLOODY.

Preseason of the NFL can be rough as the official season. Well, for the fans of football for sure.

On Thursday the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals hit the field in Ohio for the season opening Hall of Fame game.

The kickoff has began, and football fans just couldn't stand the heat!

We are only one week into the 2017 NFL season and already we have had our very first big NFL fight!

It seems like the Tennessee Titans are ready to challenge the most brutal team of the NFL.

During the Titans preseason scrimmage over the weekend some fans decided to have a boxing match in the stands.

You can see a guy wearing Keep calm shirt, arguing with another guy in the stands. He didn't listen to his own t-shirt, as the fight between those two break loose.

It is madness, they root for the same team!

Find out how the fight have ended, by clicking on the video above!

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