Eli Manning Caught DANCING in Giants Locker Room

Eli Manning Caught DANCING in Giants Locker Room

After regular practice, the New York Giants headed to the locker room to have dance practice. most fans already think Odell Beckham Jr has one of the best celebration dances in the league so its time for his teammates to step it up. And when we say step it up, that includes quarterback Eli Manning.

Football is back!

The pre-season has been opened by a match between the Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals. The game happened yesterday, on 4th of August, at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio.

The Cowboys won against the Cardinals with 20 to 18 score. In the first quarter the scoreboard was in favor of the Arizona team, as they had a lead of 15 to 7. Second quarter brought nothing good for the Cardinals, and the Cowboys managed to score 3 points. In the third, the Dallas boys made 7 points, while Arizona had 3. The final quarter was all about the Cowboys, and in the end, they have won with 2 points advantage.

All other teams are currently at various training camps, practicing hard for the beginning of the season, that will officially start in September.

And while the NFL season is yet to begin, some of the players are not losing any chance to try out some of their dance moves.

One of those players is the New York Giants' quarterback Eli Manning. He has shown us some crazy dance moves in his team locker room.

So check out this video, and find out what have made him move like Jagger!

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