Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott involved in bar incident

Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott involved in bar incident

Dallas Cowboy's running back Ezekiel Elliott can't seem to stay out of trouble. Sunday night, police responded to a call at Clutch Bar in Dallas, where a 30-year-old man was allegedly assaulted. Elliot's name never came up as a suspect, but sources later confirmed he was under investigation by the Dallas police. Elliott's name has stirred up controversy in the past for a video of him pulling down a woman's top at a St. Patrick's Day Parade. Back in February, he was in the company of a friend who was arrested for attempting to carry a firearm into a Columbus, OH bar. He was also at the center of a domestic violence investigation after an ex-girlfriend came forward with reports of abuse. Elliot's offseason history is still currently under investigation by the NFL and could result in his suspension.

Ezekiel Elliott is young - only 21 years old!

He has been with Dallas Cowboys from 2016, when he was picked in round one as a 4th pick.

He went to Ladue Burroughs high school, and then to the Ohio State college. There he played football receiving all kinds of awards and honors.

He was born in the family of athletes, so the sportsmanship should run in his blood, right?


He IS so young and he will surely have a great career in his future days, but not if he continues to mix up bar fights with his gym trainings.

You can pound on that heavy bag elsewhere!

It is such a shame to maybe lose one great talent to the anger, hatred and unacceptable violence.

And with a police record like that, it is very certain that he could use some of the anger management classes.

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