Clinton Portis claims he nearly killed a man for losing his money

Clinton Portis claims he nearly killed a man for losing his money

Sports Illustrated published a shocking article today focused around former NFL running back Clinton Portis and how a former manager lost most of his money. Portis says that he lost most of his money either through lavish spending, bad investments and withdrawals made without his consent. Things deteriorated to the point where Portis said he ended up outside a former manager's house with a gun and a friend had to talk Portis out of shooting him. "It wasn’t no beat up. It was kill.” “Most people would have offed themselves if they had to deal with what I had to deal with. Life is so much clearer after coming out of that storm.” According to the article, Portis is now living in an apartment in Virginia and does some TV work for the Washington Redskins.

Clinton Portis was running back for Washington Redskins from 2004 until 2010, when he decided to end his career in the NFL, because of his repeated injuries.

This 35-year-old started his football career on the University of Miami, playing for his college team.

He was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the second round of the 2002 NFL draft. But he remained in the NFL fans' memory as a Redskins player, and he was even selected to the list of 80 Greatest Redskins, on 70th anniversary of the team.

He stayed with Washington team for 6 good seasons, before finally retiring in 2012.

He was very close to the 10 000 yards rushing mark, only 77 yards short! He is currently 27th all-time rusher, and he is in top 20 running backs of all time.

Portis didn't have much luck with his money, though. He filed for bankruptcy protection in December 2015.

He was mismanaged by his financial advisors, which caused him to lose multiple homes and other properties as well.

Portis now resides in a two-bedroom apartment in Northern Virginia.

In his 2017 interview for Vanity Fair magazine, Portis admitted that he has considered killing his former financial advisors.

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