DeMarcus Cousins Is PAID - Expected to Sign Max Deal Up to $207 MILLION

DeMarcus Cousins Is PAID - Expected to Sign Max Deal Up to $207 MILLION

Money will make a man do crazy things... like stay with the Sacramento Kings. Bars for days. Speculation has run rampant over who would land DeMarcus Cousins in a trade deal. That speculation will soon be nothing more than fantasy, as Cousins is expected to a designated max player contract from the Kings, and the rumor is that Cousins is almost guaranteed to sign. Good move for DeMarcus?

Don’t you think that the amounts of money sportsmen are earning are out of this world? It is just crazy, look through some of the most expensive pay outs, and you will see that money actually makes the world go round.

The DeMarcus Cousins hasn't been traded, just the opposite.

According to CSN Bay Area's James Ham, Cousins is about to sign the $200 million-plus extension that the Kings are planning on offering him this summer. Here is the announcement according to Ham, “CSN California has confirmed through a league source that the two sides have tossed around numbers and that barring a late change in direction by either side, Cousins intends to sign a massive, max-money extension, estimated at roughly $207 million during the offseason that will keep the big man in a Kings uniform long-term.”

It is actually slightly foolish for him to re-sign with the Kings. In the seven seasons Cousins was part of Sacramento, they haven’t been able to create a winning team around him. And there is of course his temper that has been creating issues.


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