WATCH: Russell Westbrook HITS Ref in the Head with Ball - Accident or Intentional?

WATCH: Russell Westbrook HITS Ref in the Head with Ball - Accident or Intentional?

Russell Westbrook was frustrated all night during Wednesday's game in Charlotte against the Hornets. While he was just 2 assists shy of his 17th triple-double of the season, Westbrook was only 10-of-33 from the field in the Oklahoma City loss. During the game, Russell threw the ball in the direction of an official, landing squarely on the side of the referee's head. Another ref saw the incident and quickly hit back with a technical foul. Westbrook tried to plead his case that it was an accident, but the tech stood. Do you think it was on accident or on purpose? If it was intentional, it was the most accurate Russ was all evening. Sorry, we had to.

This question could never be answered honestly, right? A referee is never your friend and while playing whichever game, you will curse them inside your head many, many times. After Russell Westbrook threw a ball in the head, he was apologetic, of course.

The incident happened during the loss to the Charlotte Hornets. The referee, Tre Maddox, wasn’t happy.

The Oklahoma City Thunder superstar, who was issued his 10th technical foul of the season for the incident, told reporters after the game that he called Maddox's name before he threw the ball and that he would "never, ever disrespect the game" like that.

He said, "I called his name, he turned right at me, then he looked away. I don't know. I don't know what to tell you, brother, I really don't. I'm not the type of guy — I would never, ever disrespect the game in that way, throw the ball at a referee. I've never done it before. I mean, that's just not even heard of in our game today. If you do that, you get kicked out the game. That's not allowed. I would never do such a thing. To get a tech, it's crazy to me. But take the good with the bad."


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