Joel Embiid HIts the Utah Jazz with a PERFECT Dream Shake

Joel Embiid HIts the Utah Jazz with a PERFECT Dream Shake

The Philadelphia 76ers are not good this year, not good at all. They are winless. Joel Embiid is playing hard though, and gave us his best Hakeem Olajuwon impression.

Here’s a random trivia.

During the latest episode of The Vertical Podcast by Adrian Wojnarowski, Joel Embiid talked about his life before the NBA, and regular season so far.

Brett Brown, the coach, also joined.

Among other things, they discussed about Joel’s interesting life and childhood, stereotypes that he used to his advantage (about African people), and talked about how he killed a lion when he was only six years old, and carried it on his back.

He said, “When they think about Africans, they think about just us running around with lions and tigers and all these other animals. When I got to Kansas, I kind of used that to my advantage, talking about how I killed a lion. that’s how I became a man because six years old, I had to go into the jungle and kill a lion and carried it on my back to bring back to my village and just to show that I’m a man. They bought into it.”


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