Derrick Rose Tells Ball "Fall B*tch!"

Derrick Rose Tells Ball "Fall B*tch!"

Derrick Rose does not know how to talk to a ball. At least, he didn't against the Knicks game against the Nets. The ball did not go in the net, and Derrick yelled at the poor thing.

You could see Derrick Rose in complete panic at the United Center last week, when he thought that his former team stole his precious unicorn.

Ten-15 minutes after the New York’s victory of the Chicago Bull, he realized that his heavy ball was out of sight. It made the famously calm and down to earth guy to lose it. Se he launched on the offensive.

"I asked one of the (Bulls) assistant coaches like, 'Man, give me my f---king ball, brah. Like, where is my ball?'", he said.

The ball was returned to Rose for the sake of Rose-bulls relations, but it can still be considered Chicago’s property, if we are being objective. Rose was given back his unicorn after being moved accidentally, "probably by a ballboy," Rose guessed.


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