Zach LaVine Travels Big Time Before Soaring Dunk

Zach LaVine Travels Big Time Before Soaring Dunk

Zach LaVine is the slam dunk king. The guy can soar, and he did in the Timberwolves game against the Denver Nuggets. Zach also travelled, big time. The refs didn't call it, but it was obvious. Check it out.

This kid, a pretty tall one, is an amazing dunk monster. And not just that he does it so well, but he also has a creative mind when it comes to it. He obviously loves the spotlight of the Dunk Contest, and he came a long way from being only a dunker.

What surprises is that he makes it look like the easiest thing on the planet. First, he picks off the pass, then goes on to soar from 10-feet out for a one-handed bomb. For Zach, that is just another regular day, and for us is a superhero in action.

Sometimes, you have to wonder… what these kids eat to be so damn fantastic.

He’s the two-time NBA dunking king, already was the Most Valuable Player of the 2016 risinf Stars Challenge, and made the all-rookie second team.

For sure, he is one of the league’s best and most valuable athletes.


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