Russell Westbrook REJECTED By Rim On Dunk Attempt

Russell Westbrook REJECTED By Rim On Dunk Attempt

Russell Westbrook is going to have to carry the Oklahoma City Thunder to the playoffs. There is no doubt about that. Russell just can't get rejected by the rim, like he did in the Thunder's preseason game against the Dallas Mavericks. Check it out.

The Oklahoma City Thunder guard is the unquestioned leader on the roster since the departure of Kevin Durant, but this is one time he won't want Steven Adams and the rest of the team following his example.

During a pre-season game against the Dallas Mavericks, Thunder forward Kyle Singler made a great play to steal the ball and lead the fast-break. 

With Westbrook streaking alongside, Singler gave up the ball to his point guard probably expecting one of his trademark aggressive finishes.

However, this time it was the rim that came out the winner.

Going up with the ball in one hand, Westbrook ended up on his backside after his tomahawk dunk was stuffed by the hoop.

Thankfully this game means nothing, and Westbrook will likely claim he was just shaking off the rust ahead of the Thunder's opening game on October 26 in Philadelphia.


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