What LeBron James & Kyrie Irving Really Did During the Summer

What LeBron James & Kyrie Irving Really Did During the Summer

Along with a little bit of relaxing, working out, and sleeping LeBron James and Kyrie Irving watched a lot of game tape. The game was game 7 of the NBA Finals, which the duo re-watched over and over again.


In the latest news about LeNron, people argue on how many years the massive NBA star has on the basketball sky.

After a year of watching people like me question whether his throne had been usurped, LeBron James used the 2016 NBA playoffs to reestablish his dominance as the game's best player.

That raises an interesting question, though. How many more years can the 31-year-old superstar keep up this level of production? How much longer can LeBron be LeBron?

In five years, LeBron will be 36, on the verge of 37. The obvious comparison would be how Michael Jordan played at that age, but it's not an easy one to make. Jordan was retired at 36 years old; when he came back at 38 with the Wizards, he clearly wasn't the same player.

One interesting thing to note, however, is that Jordan never let his advanced age limit his time on the court.


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