Zaza Pachulia's DIRTY SCREEN on Kyrie Irving & NBA Finals Game 2 Highlights

Zaza Pachulia's DIRTY SCREEN on Kyrie Irving & NBA Finals Game 2 Highlights

Pachulia is at it again!

Game 2 in the NBA Playoff Finals went really well for Golden State Warriors as they defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers with almost 20 points advantage: 132-113.

Steph Curry was back in the game, after he had a surgery that went extremely well. He got a standing ovation from his fans. The whole crowd just stud up and clapped their hands, cheering Curry and his team into the beginning of the Game 2.

The Cavs were up by 6 in the first quarter, but then the Warriors did their thing and turned it around into a 10 point lead in their favor, which they maintained for a good portion of the first half of the game.

With the end of the first half, Steph Curry threw up 15 points, with 2 rebounds and 4 assists. Kevin Durant was all around the court, stealing balls and making his three-pointers count.

And Zaza Pachulia had his fun with his now well known dirty tricks. He launched a Cavs' player couple of feet away, while he was guarding him. Tell us what you think of his move - was it a dirty trick, or just little bit of a hard play?

LeBron James was making sure that his team doesn't go down without a fight. He scored 18 points in first half alone, with 10 assists and 6 dimes! Check out the video to see some of his sick moves!

Stay tuned, as the next game will decide the future of Cleveland's team. We'll keep you posted!

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